How to Integrate Slack with Acquire?

How to Integrate Slack with Acquire?

As the business grows it is difficult to manage team communications and to keep track of in our email inboxes. Effective communication is vital to foster a good working relationship between you and your staff, which can, in turn, improve efficiency and productivity.

In this digital era, technology advances a lot in giving us various means of communication to keep a fine balance between work and life culture.

Slack is a collaboration hub that offers a plethora of business benefits through integration and ready-to-use bots.

Acquire is the first multi-channel communication platform built for businesses. It helps in streamlining the customer support process and thus helps teams to drive visitors to become leads. Acquires’ simple yet powerful tools make the customers happy and thus this boost customer engagement.

Read on to know on how slack works, how to integrate slack with Acquire and how businesses of all sizes will get benefit from this integration.

How does Slack work?

Slack is a cloud-based set of collaboration tools and services which makes it easy for teams to work and communicate more effectively. It is equipped with robust features that allow you to not only chat one-on-one with connections but also in groups.

It is comprised of different channels to help you communicate with teammates/ co-workers, manage the development of projects, share ideas, comment in real-time to keep everything moving swiftly. With Slack, you can keep records of everything and its’ easy to search within it.

Acquire + Slack Integration

Slack streamlines team communication and workflows to keep your team co-ordinated and working faster.

Together, the Slack and Acquire bring all of your customer support interactions into a single place and allow your team to reply to customers from Slack. Talk to your website visitors and customers in real-time, with this integration.

With Acquire and Slack Integration you will never have to leave the app to respond to your customers. Manage and respond all your live chat conversations right from Slack. To respond to customers’ chat you need to be on the desktop in a web browser, or you can even use a mobile app to join from your phone.

Slack for Acquire allows your customer service agent to deliver an amazing customer service experience to your customers.

Benefits of Acquire and Slack Integration to Business

  1. All Team Communication is One Place – As I mentioned above, with Slack, all the communication happen in one place and can be segmented by creating channels for various topics. You can assign users to as many channels as you need in order to keep topics visible to the team members you want to see any individual topic.
  2. Real-time notifications in Slack – Whenever a customer writes about their query via Acquire related to your products or services, or have a question on your websites’ pricing page; you’ll get a notification in Slack. Hence, you’ll be able to respond to their query instantly.
  3. Respond right from Slack – Acquire builds a Slack integration so that you can respond to all support or sales messages right from slack. It’s free to use Acquire + Slack.
  4. Boost Conversions and Sales – With Acquire and Slack integration, if your customer or user is stuck inside of your product, you’ll be able to give answers to all their questions in real-time. Thus, this increases customer satisfaction and trust. As a result, this will boost conversions and sales and will make the customers happy.

Steps to integrate Slack with Acquire

Below are simple straight-forward steps to integrate Acquire into your Slack environment to simplify your work process.

To integrate Acquire with your Slack account, sign in into Acquire admin account.

Slack integration guide:

Step 1. Configure Acquire and Slack

Go to Dashboard > Setting > Integration > Click On Slack.

integrate acquire and slack

After clicking on Slack, you will see permission request from Acquire to access information.

Authorize public information to Acquire

– Now click on the green Authorize button in the bottom.

– Automatically a channel called “#acquire-chat-12345” is created in your slack account to receive the messages and the user performing the integration is automatically added to that channel.

slack integration

Step 2. Visitor Conversation start

slack integration 1

Step 3. Chatting with your customers

Each chat will create a new channel that starts with “#acquire-chat-12345”. New channel notification will send to all team members, they can also chat with the customer after joining a new channel.

live chat with customer via Slack

Step 4. Close Visitor chat by agent.

  1. Use Slash command (/closing)
  2. Click Close Chat button
  3. Enter with text [YOUR MESSEGE] /close_chatWhen an agent wants to close the current chat, he can use any of these methods.

close chat in slack

feedback from customer

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